Animal Intuitive Talk Training Program

Are you an animal lover who is ready to stop worrying and help your animal family with their health and well-being? Communication helps rebalance your relationships, supports health and behavioral issues, provides healing and helps you personally grow. Talking with your animal companions deepens your relationship of support, compassion and love. It’s magical!

You can learn to understand the language of animals!

It’s a heck of a lot easier than learning another language! And, you are already communicating with your pet - you are just not aware of it. You already use your five senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling as you move through each day. It is a natural process of sensing, something you do easily and unconsciously. Animal communication occurs using your sixth sense of intuition, combined with your other senses, making it super simple to learn. 

Everyone has the gift of intuition inside. You simply learn to tap into the heart and connect energetically with your pets. In this five module training course you will learn how to access and connect with animals and talk to them intuitively. Your life will never be the same.

 Inside this powerful training, you will…

  • Learn a remarkably simple and powerful system of accessing intuitive and telepathic information
  • Live animal communication practice so you can embrace your skills with confidence
  • Meet your animal spirit guide who assists you with animal communication
  • Develop self-trust in communication through a unique intuitive validation system
  • Understand and learn to recognize animal guidance to help support your personal life

You'll be learning from animal/human relationship expert Suzanne Thibault, who will help you to master using your intuition and telepathy to connect and speak with your pet or any animal. 

Our furry, feathered, and scaly animal companions love us so much that they steal our hearts with their playfulness and happiness. You love your fur kid and want what's best for them. Sometimes health and behavioral issues leave you concerned, and you can't figure out how to help them. There is a gap in communication and you wish you could simply ask them what is wrong. Animal Intuitive Talk bridges that gap, allowing you to understand how to help them, making life better for both of you.

Animals may seem quiet, but once you tune-in and listen, you will be amazed at their loving support and sense of humor. Your animal companions understand what you say to them. You can learn to understand their language in the Animal Intuitive Talk Training Program for a conversation based in love.

The Animal Intuitive Talk Training is perfect for:

  • Men, women and children who love animals and want to deepen their relationship with them;
  • Pet parents who want to open the lines of communication to help their pets with their health and well-being;
  • Animal guardians and caretakers who want to understand their animal’s needs for better support;
  • Animal lovers who want to do what’s best for their animals' happiness.

Stop chasing your tail and wasting time and money in trying to figure out how to help your pets. There is an easier alternative – ASK them using animal communication, where solutions are just a conversation away.

Yes! I’m ready to make a deeper connection with my pets through
 animal communication!


I understand that inside this innovative, six week program I will discover:

Module 1: Intuitive Heart Connection
Receive a powerful intuitive heart energetic activation to create a heart connection when using intuition and telepathy. Learn how to speak straight from the heart to animals and avoid the obstacles that can interrupt the connection.

Module 2: Tuning Into Animal Communication
A step-by-step system for intuitively speaking with any animal, even those in spirit. Open the door to new possibilities in creating this two-way energetic/telepathic connection with your pet at a deeper heart level.

Module 3: Receiving Animal Messages
Develop your intuitive muscles and practice receiving messages from other pets with group validation.

Module 4: Inner Validation System
Say goodbye to self-doubt with the Inner Validation System, a unique method for validating your intuitive messages from animals as truth and not your own thoughts. A self-confidence formula for success!

Module 5: Animal Guidance Language
Watch your life change for the better through animal guidance, where you learn to recognize your pets external guidance of what’s going on in your own life so you can heal yourself and personally grow.

VALUE: $1,000

AND, this course includes weekly LIVE SUPPORT group calls to accelerate your learning.

Plus, I understand I get exclusive access to these
 incredible bonuses when I sign up today:

BONUS: Intuition Foundation Builder – Begin building your intuitive muscles to easily communicate with animals and God using your intuition. This foundational work sets the stage for Animal Intuitive Talk.
Value $200

BONUS: Once Upon a Time...Your Pet Relationship Story – Your pet’s revealing story will lighten your heart as you learn about your relationship and how deeply you are connected to each other. A private 1x1 session with Suzanne.
Value $250

BONUS: Personal Energy Self-Care Tools - a system of energetic tools for grounding and shielding your energy field for personal care as an animal communicator.
Value $200

BONUS: Animal Communication Cheat Sheet – an easy to use quick reference guide to assist you in performing animal communication.
Value $100

BONUS: Animal Intuitive Talk Private Facebook Group for continuous support and community.
Value $Priceless!

FIVE LIVE GROUP SUPPORT Calls – with Suzanne via Zoom Video Conferencing. Get your questions answered and practice animal talk with your pet(s) and other animals. These live calls integrate and solidify your training.
Value $900

Total Value: $2,650

Your Total Investment today: $499

30 Day “Animal Talk” Guarantee: We believe in our programs. If you go through the entire Animal Intuitive Talk program, study each module, complete and apply the coursework and still don’t find this to be exactly what you need we will promptly and happily issue a full refund within 30 days of the program start date.

The biggest decision you have to make right now is: Are you willing to continue worrying about your pet or are you ready to change your life and communicate with your animal companions so you know how to help them?

Here's what students are saying:

Dr. Elena Estanol
It is amazing and mind-blowing to be able to communicate with each of my cats, to understand them, and to have them understand the requests I had. That is what has been the most transformational for them because I could honor their requests. I’m happy to report that the cats became much happier, the kitten stopped biting and scratching, and he fully integrated into the family. Everybody is getting along with each other and it’s really amazing to see how it works. 

The beauty is that animal communication allows me to communicate with my pets but I can also hear the chatter of other animals, having a remarkable experience with a dolphin in Mexico. This would not have been possible if it were not for Suzanne sharing her gifts and her willingness to share it with the world, along with the commitment she has to her students and the animals on this planet.

It’s such an amazing gift to be able to communicate with your pets on a deeper level so you can understand all of the wisdom your pets have to share with you. 

Donald Webb
Great Class!
Suzanne is able to teach what might be considered fairly esoteric information in a very straightforward and accessible manner. Her teaching style is relaxed and easy going, and yet I felt she was able to thoroughly cover the material. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in having a deeper connection to their pets or animals, and may even include a funny warning that you will be more attractive to animals than you previously have been, as animals will have a stronger desire to interact with you than before because they love to talk.

Cindia Carrere
The Switch Got Turned On!
Loving animals, I've always wanted to communicate with them on a deeper level, but it was something I believed only certain people could do, such as Dr. Doolittle - until I was introduced to Suzanne Thibault and her magical course, Animal Intuitive Talk Training. After going through her program, it was as if a switch had been flipped, and the profound understanding that I could, in fact, learn how to do this was amazing and empowering. To be honest, I was a little hesitant at first, wondering if the material would be too long, and I questioned if I would get sucked into overwhelm, but she taught it in digestible-sized pieces, which made the process inviting, and easy to do with a busy schedule. The material was informative, practical, and effective. The bonus of the group training brought it all home. My love for animals has deepened, and I am practicing the skills I learned with great joy. So many things have happened since then, that I could keep on writing for ages and pages. Let me save you the time and just say, this course was well worth it! This is a powerful gift. Thank you Suzanne!

Norma Springsteen
A Magical Experience!
I love the webinar classroom! Being able to hear AND see Suzanne and the other students was so wonderful! That helped me so much. Suzanne is a wonderful teacher - patient and caring, and clearly loves what she teaches. I like the way the material is broken up into small pieces. The flow of the material worked well. All the tips are fantastic! I also really loved how students were able to bring their questions about their own animals into the class and use them as practice for everyone. It's obvious to me how much work Suzanne has done to create this course. Thank you so much Suzanne!